About Us

by Admin

The Engineers’ Tribune started as a group of engineers and technical writers who wanted to explore the ins and outs of technology as it affects today’s designs and components. After drumming up like-minded writers and thinkers, we’ve created a flourishing source of bleeding-edge technology commentary, electronics community research, and interviews with the engineers who are designing the future.

After launching in July of 2018, we aim to further explore the intersection between human interest narratives and up-and-coming components, designs, and consumer products. We want to uncover the people behind the hardware, better understand their lives and habits, and knit together a community of knowledgeable engineers and technology enthusiasts.

The Engineers’ Tribune is always looking for technically talented engineers as well as engineers who write well and who want to tell their story and share unique thoughts on new developments in the electronics industry.

If you’re interested in joining our writing team, please send a brief bio, a few relevant writing samples, and a list of topics you’re interested in covering to [email protected].

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